Book design by evolution

By the ideal book, I suppose we are to understand a book
not limited by commercial exigencies of price:
we can do what we like with it,
according to what its nature, as a book, demands of Art.

    William Morris, 1893

This work's thesis was the question how modern media have influenced the process of reading and how book design could adapt to a new reading behaviour.
The modern media allow the content to develop in some kind of evolutionary process. It is subject to continous change. How could the physical appearance of a book adapt in the same way?
People were invited to evaluate a couple of book designs, on display on the website for one week. With the help of genetic algorithms, by inheritance, mutation and selection, one particularly fit design developed.
The result of that process was a book with the lovely name Anique, 5.5 × 7.8", with a blue linen cover.

Participation by country


Germany 72,7%
United States 5,0%
others 22,3%

Participation by age group

chart: age groups

17,1% 24 years and younger
69,9% 25 years and older
13,0% not specified

The genome and the genealogy

book design genome   book design genealogy
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